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Getting back to nature with friends, staying ahead of the competition at work or listening to personal treasures in your music collection, Motion™ Charge&Go from Signia is your trusty partner for a natural hearing experience, no matter how much you like to pack into your day.

True to its name, Motion Charge&Go can be fully recharged while you sleep so that it lasts longer and is always ready to go when you are. And its strong housing makes it extremely durable and ready for anything life throws at you. Simply Charge&Go!

Wireless lithium-ion charging

Together with Signia’s Motion Charge&Go comes the inductive charger: The hearing aids start charging automatically when you place them in the charger and turn on automatically when you take them out.

High level of wearing comfort

Equipped with a robust housing, the Motion Charge&Go behind-the-ear, or BTE model, sits snuggly and discreetly behind your ear. Its ergonomic shape makes it extra comfortable to wear.

For a broad range of hearing loss

Motion Charge&Go tackles a wide range of hearing loss from mild to severe and gives you back the natural sound of life.

Durable high performance with connectivity

Thanks to its rechargeable, high capacity lithium-ion power cell, Signia’s Motion Charge&Go offers a long-lasting, superior hearing experience even when you are streaming audio.


Motion Charge&Go Nx at a glance


Calculate Your Battery Savings

Find out how many batteries you save each year when you buy Motion Charge&Go Nx

1. How many hours a day do you use your hearing aids?
2. How many hours a day do you spend streaming phone calls, audio, or TV?

You could save

You could save

batteries per year*
per year**

* The calculation has been made with reference to one pair of Signia Motion 13 Nx hearing aids using non-rechargeable 13-size zinc-air batteries.

** The assumed battery cost is intended to be representative for your country.